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Stockhead – 29 July 2021

Forager Funds’ portfolio manager Harvey Migotti on how to find value in global stock markets

With inflation on the rise and indications that the global post-COVID rebound is starting to fade, hear from Portfolio Manager Harvey Migotti as he speaks with Stockhead to discuss the outlook for the second half of 2021 and why a “nimble” approach may be required.

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Financial Autonomy – 14 July 2021

Why Active Management? Chloe from Forager Funds Management makes her case. – Episode 206

Paul from Financial Autonomy talks with Chloe from Forager Asset Management about the strengths of active management and her role within Forager.

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Livewire – 18 June 2021

Setting up your portfolio for market “kryptonite”

Steve Johnson talks to Livewire and explains his strategy for tackling inflation and rebalancing a portfolio.

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Yahoo Finance – 20 May 2021

Yahoo Finance Women’s Money Movement

Chloe Stokes joins some of the brightest women in finance for a 1 hour chat about all things money.

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