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Speculative tech stocks are back in vogue. Long-term investing is on the nose. Is now the time to give up on Australia’s active fund managers?

  • Ausnutria's cash goat in China
    Relative to the world’s most expensive growth stocks, it looks like a steal.
  • Autotrader: Premium business, premium price
    Auto Trader will continue to grow nicely, and not via unjustified price gouging.


Portfolio value at 28 June 2019

May 2018

April 2018


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as at 28 June 2019


Average annual return since inception

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as at 28 June 2019

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The Forager International Shares Fund reports each month on its performance and portfolio activity. At the conclusion of each quarter, a more detailed Quarterly Report is published. In between, Monthly Reports give an overview of fund activity and performance statistics.

You can request a copy of the reports by calling 02 8305 6050.