International Shares Fund Reports


It was an extraordinary year for the Forager International Shares Fund. The Fund has now returned 38.26% for the past year, versus 5.90% for the MSCI AC World Net Index in $A benchmark.

  • Value and growth in steady businesses
    APG and FREE continue to trade at attractive valuations and show growth prospects.
  • Twitter: Overused and under-monetised
    TWTR shows signs of user and revenue growth.
  • Brexit, finally
    After months of negotiation, Brexit agreements were signed.


Portfolio value at 31 January 2021

December 2020

November 2020


Stocks in this fund

as at 31 January 2021


Average annual return since inception

as at 31 January 2021


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as at 31 January 2021

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The Forager International Shares Fund reports each month on its performance and portfolio activity. At the conclusion of each quarter, a more detailed Quarterly Report is published. In between, Monthly Reports give an overview of fund activity and performance statistics.

You can request a copy of the reports by calling 02 8305 6050.