Finding Opportunity in Unlikely Places

Welcome to Forager Funds Management. We invest in Australian and International share markets on behalf of long–term investors.

Forager Australian Shares Fund is now listed on ASX


A rare focus on genuinely long-term investments has historically generated excellent returns for investors


Key staff have the majority of their own money invested in Forager’s funds, ensuring our interests are aligned


Relationships require transparency. You will always know how and where we are investing your money

“Forager has not only improved my financial returns but transformed my thinking about the principles and procedures of investment.”
Craig Macleod – Long term investor
“Potentially superior returns through interesting stocks that I wouldn’t have the knowledge or know-how to invest in myself”
Joe Doyle – Early Investor
“Steve will run counter to the market. Most don’t do it. They say they do, but they don’t.”
Matthew Kidman, AFR Article

Choosing the Right Fund for You

  • Diversify your portfolio with international stocks.
  • Investments in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.
  • Expert international analysts located across the globe.
  • Unlisted fund accepting new applications.

as at 28 April 2017

1 year
15.95% p.a
2 year
14.95% p.a
3 year


Management & expense recovery fee (p.a)

$0 Establishment & withdrawal Fees
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  • A concentrated portfolio of attractive domestic stocks.
  • Long track record in identifying unloved gems.
  • Flexibility to pursue the best opportunities.
  • Listed on ASX as a Listed Investment Trust (LIT)


1 year
17.99% p.a
3 year
20.45% p.a
5 Year


Up to 1.1% Management & expense recovery fee (p.a)
Performance fee (on returns over 8% p.a)

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