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Sky Business: 19 April 2018

Rising Oil Prices and the AMP Scandal

Steve Johnson appears on Sky Business, talking about oil prices and the outlook for the coming months. The current ongoing Royal Commission investigation into the banks and AMP is also discussed.

Sky Business: 12 April 2018

Geo-Political Tensions

Steve Johnson appears on Sky Business alongside Tony Davison from Henderson Maxwell, discussing current Geo-political tensions and how this might affect the markets in Australia.

Sky Business: 5 April 2018

Heading for a Global Trade War?

Steve Johnson comments on the recent wave of trade protectionism and the likely impact on the US and the Australian market. Also, up for discussion is the Facebook data scandal and the questions it raises about the culture adopted by these young tech giants.

Sky Business: 29 March 2018

Tech Trouble

Steve Johnson addresses the recent turbulence in US tech stocks and the increased regulation that may follow. Also, a quick discussion about the promotional hype surrounding Australia’s own tech industry.