Livewire – 6/10/2021

Stocks v property: Get ringside with a fundie and a mortgage broker

Steve Johnson joins Chris Bates, owner of Wealthful, where they debated the merits of investing in residential real estate versus stocks.

Money News – 19 August 2021

Money News with Brooke Corte

Steve Johnson joins Brooke Corte to discuss the current market and how investors can position themselves for the reopening of the economy.

Eureka Report – 10 August 2021

Playboy, Twitter, US Lotteries Lift Forager Funds

Gareth Brown, portfolio manager at Forager Funds International Fund, talks to Alan about how international stocks like Playboy and Twitter have hoisted his fund 79 per cent in the past 12 months.

Stockhead – 29 July 2021

Forager Funds’ portfolio manager Harvey Migotti on how to find value in global stock markets

With inflation on the rise and indications that the global post-COVID rebound is starting to fade, hear from Portfolio Manager Harvey Migotti as he speaks with Stockhead to discuss the outlook for the second half of 2021 and why a “nimble” approach may be required.

Financial Autonomy – 14 July 2021

Why Active Management? Chloe from Forager Funds Management makes her case. – Episode 206

Paul from Financial Autonomy talks with Chloe from Forager Asset Management about the strengths of active management and her role within Forager.

Livewire – 18 June 2021

Setting up your portfolio for market “kryptonite”

Steve Johnson talks to Livewire and explains his strategy for tackling inflation and rebalancing a portfolio.

Yahoo Finance – 20 May 2021

Yahoo Finance Women’s Money Movement

Chloe Stokes joins some of the brightest women in finance for a 1 hour chat about all things money.

The Australian – 18 May 2021

‘Realistic’ Forager hunts $40 Afterpay

Steve Johnson discusses realism creeping back into the market.