Australian Financial Review – 02/02/2022

Forager hunting bargains in savage sell-off

Forager Funds is hoping to make amends for a dismal performance in its global fund over the last six months as it bargain hunts following the savage and indiscriminate sell-off in global equity markets through January.

Gareth Brown

Livewire – 17/12/2021

Forager’s 2021 book recommendations


Money Management – 16/11/2021

Social media stocks have been a pain point for Forager Funds Management after privacy changes by Apple caused their share prices fall.

Livewire – 6/10/2021

Stocks v property: Get ringside with a fundie and a mortgage broker

Steve Johnson joins Chris Bates, owner of Wealthful, where they debated the merits of investing in residential real estate versus stocks.

Money News – 19 August 2021

Money News with Brooke Corte

Steve Johnson joins Brooke Corte to discuss the current market and how investors can position themselves for the reopening of the economy.

Eureka Report – 10 August 2021

Playboy, Twitter, US Lotteries Lift Forager Funds

Gareth Brown, portfolio manager at Forager Funds International Fund, talks to Alan about how international stocks like Playboy and Twitter have hoisted his fund 79 per cent in the past 12 months.

Stockhead – 29 July 2021

Forager Funds’ portfolio manager Harvey Migotti on how to find value in global stock markets

With inflation on the rise and indications that the global post-COVID rebound is starting to fade, hear from Portfolio Manager Harvey Migotti as he speaks with Stockhead to discuss the outlook for the second half of 2021 and why a “nimble” approach may be required.

Financial Autonomy – 14 July 2021

Why Active Management? Chloe from Forager Funds Management makes her case. – Episode 206

Paul from Financial Autonomy talks with Chloe from Forager Asset Management about the strengths of active management and her role within Forager.

Steve on Livewire

Livewire – 18 June 2021

Setting up your portfolio for market “kryptonite”

Steve Johnson talks to Livewire and explains his strategy for tackling inflation and rebalancing a portfolio.

Yahoo Finance – 20 May 2021

Yahoo Finance Women’s Money Movement

Chloe Stokes joins some of the brightest women in finance for a 1 hour chat about all things money.

The Australian – 18 May 2021

‘Realistic’ Forager hunts $40 Afterpay

Steve Johnson discusses realism creeping back into the market.

Money Management – 14 May 2021

Forager learns from portfolio size mistakes

Money Management looks at Forager’s approach to its stock picks as fund assets increase.

Money News – 20th April 2021

Money News with Brooke Corte

Steve Johnson discusses recent performance and looking at the bigger picture when investing.

Ausbiz TV – 31 March 2021

Steve Johnson gets real about real companies doing real things

Steve Johnson talks to Ausbiz about why he sees SG Fleet acquisition of Leaseplan worth waiting for.

ABC The Business News – 30 March 2021

The Future Direction and Leadership of AMP

Steve Johnson discusses the future direction and leadership of AMP after Ares exclusivity period expires.

The Australian: 14 March 2021

Value in Unlikely Places

Chief Investment Officer Steve Johnson talks to the Australian about finding value in ‘companies you’ve never heard of’.

*Behind a PAYWALL

The Motley Fool – 22 February 2021

Ask A Fund Manager

The Motley Fool chats with Analyst Chloe Stokes about the shares that made her a bucket of money during the recent US short squeeze, plus a couple of regrets.

ABC The Business – 08 February 2021

Monday Markets with Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson discusses the Vocus Communications takeover bid from Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets Holdings as well as what other companies might be primed for a takeover.

ABC The Business – 11 November 2020

Studio Interview with Chloe Stokes

With news of a Covid vaccine, there have been different reactions depending on the type of stock. In this interview, moves in retail stocks are discussed. Chloe Stokes, Investment Analyst for Forager Funds Management speaks to Elysse.

Financial Review – 02 November 2020

Gareth Brown and Harvey Migotti discuss March’s madness and how they run the Forager International Shares Fund as Co-Portfolio Managers.

Financial Review – 16 October 2020

Analyst on the International Shares Fund, Chloe Stokes, talks about the Adore Beauty float.

ABC The Business – 09 July 2020

Extended Interview with Steve Johnson

Reporting season under the shadow of coronavrius continues and it comes as no surprise that Sydney Airport is feeling the pain. Steve Johnson from Forager Funds speaks to Elysse.


ABC The Business – 29 June 2020

Monday Markets with Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson discusses recent market jitters with a rise in Coronavirus cases across Victoria and overseas and how long we can expect the current market uncertainty to last.


ABC The Business: 17 June 2020

Wednesday Markets with Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson discusses current movements in the stock market, with some stocks up and others down. Steve also touches on why this is a sign of encouragement for the economy.



Ausbiz TV – 09 July 2020

Find Companies that will Suffer Now but Eventually Thrive

Look for the companies that will suffer in the short term but emerge from the crisis stronger says Steve Johnson but warns the easy money is already gone.

ABC The Business: 22 April 2020

Monday Markets with Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson discusses the current market conditions, concerns surrounding the banking sector and why he believes there are still plenty of opportunities out there.

Livewire Buy Hold Sell – 25 March 2020

5 cash earners for a crisis

Steve Johnson from Forager speaks with Ben McGarry from Totus Capital about which stocks are positioned to be either cash earners or cash burners in a cycle that’ll likely be marked by Australia’s first recession in nearly three decades.

ABC News – 04 March 2020

Current State of the Market

Steve Johnson from Forager speaks to Elysse at ABC News about the current state of the market.

Forager – 10 Year Anniversary

Forager Turns Ten

Steve Johnson answers ten questions about Forager’s journey over the past 10 years.

Forager – Investor Roadshow 2019

2019 Annual Roadshow

In his presentation, Steve explains why periods of underperformance are an inevitable feature of our concentrated long-term investing approach. He also explains why a deeply unloved portfolio of value stocks might have a place in your portfolio.

Forager Performance Webinar – July 2019

Performance Focused Webinar

This webinar focuses exclusively on fund performance.

YourMoney – 29 March 2019

US Slowdown

U.S. Economy shifts into low gear as fiscal boost wanes


Steve Johnson on

YourMoney – 25 March 2019

Brexit Battle

Navigating the UK stockmarket amid brexit uncertainty

YourMoney – 11 March 2019

Australian Agricultural Update

Australian agricultural floods cost $6-8m whilst droughts cost $28m. The effects have trickled down to some key Australian businesses

YourMoney – 7 March 2019

Market Insights

With the MSCI All World Index up roughly 11% since the beginning of the calendar year, what does this mean for markets leading into the remaining of 2019?

Steve Johnson on

YourMoney – 6 March 2019

Market Insights

Steve discusses market conditions and opportunities in the post-reporting season period

YourMoney – 27 February 2019

Australian Market Update

Steve Johnson talks Rio Tinto and A2 Milk with Ticky on YourMoney.

Steve Johnson on

YourMoney – 22 February 2019

Reporting Season

Australian public equity reporting season has been rattled by weak consumer confidence.

YourMoney – 11 February 2019

Market Movements

AACO flags significant impact of floods.

YourMoney – 17 January 2019

Auto Sector

Trade and global growth worries weigh on auto sectors globally.

YourMoney – 10 January 2019

Global Markets

US-China trade optimism helps global market rally

Forager 2018 Wrap-Up

2018 Wrap-Up

Happy Holidays from the Forager team.

Forager Funds – 2018 End of Year Summary

End of Year Summary

A summary on performance in 2018 and what 2019 holds for Forager.

Steve Johnson on

YourMoney – 27 December 2018

Welcomed Volatility

Local markets set to ride the tails of Wall Street rally

YourMoney – 13 December 2018

May Survives

Theresa May will remain British PM

YourMoney – 8 December 2018

Investing in the Australian Market

Steve discusses why the Australian stock market is the most difficult in the world to find opportunities

YourMoney – 3 December 2018

Trade Tensions

Trade tensions ease at G20 summit in Buenos Aires

YourMoney – 29 November 2018

Interest rates

Interest rates affect the prices of all assets. In this discussion Steve looks at where interest rates are going, and the impact this may have on equity investments.

Livewire Markets: 25 October 2018

Day of the Dog: Buying Banged-up Stocks

James Marlay from Livewire hosts Steve Johnson from Forager Funds, and Mark Whittaker from Investors Mutual. Topics discussed include; the attributes of an attractive turn around, indicators a stock could be terminal, and they each share a banged-up stock of their own – one that looks attractive, and one that appears terminal.

Forager Funds: 9 November 2017

Webinar – Fact and Fluff: The Pros and Cons of Investing in Themes

If you missed out on joining the team for the live discussion on theme based investing, you can see the slides and listen to the webinar here.

ABC News: 30 October 2017

What Would a Rate Rise in the US Mean?

Steve Johnson features on ABC News, talking about the potential impact of interest rate rises in the US.

Livewire: 13 September 2017

Livewire Exclusive – CIO Profile on Steve Johnson

An interview with Forager’s Chief Investment Officer, Steve Johnson. The original Livewire wire, including the transcript can be found here.

Forager Funds: 8 August 2017

Forager Funds Roadshow Webinar

As part of the 2017 roadshow, we recorded a webinar – listen here if you weren’t able to make the roadshow in person.

Forager Webinar: 6 June 2017

An introduction to successful value investing in small to mid-cap stocks

This is a recording of our June 2017 webinar on: An introduction to successful value investing in small to mid-cap stocks. Steve Johnson presents and then answers audience questions.

AFR: 26 April 2017

TPG deepens Telstra’s looming earnings hole

What will be the impact to Telstra with TPG’s announcement that they will begin to provide mobile services?

ABC The Business: 6 April 2017

Bank Regulators Warning on Capital

Steve Johnson appears on ABC The Business, discussing the bank regulators warning on capital.

AFR: 6 April 2017

Has this new breed of bull run its course?

Steve Johnson from Forager Funds comments on the current bull market in Australia at a Livewire event, alongside Geoff Wilson from Wilson Asset Management and John Murray from Perennial Value Management

AFR Personal Finance: 21 March 2017

Want Investment Value? Europe’s the last Bastion

In his monthly column for the AFR, Steve Johnson discusses where Forager is finding value internationally and some interesting companies in Europe.

Netwealth Webinar: 16 March 2017

Successful Value Investing in Small and Mid-cap Stocks

Steve Johnson presented a webinar via Netwealth on some tips for successful value investing. Listen to the webinar here.

AFR Personal Finance: 30 January 2017

Investors, like tennis players, need to be patient

Steve Johnson writes for the AFR on why investors must be patient in the current market, but be ready to act when opportunities for bargains arise.

Forager Funds: 16 December 2016

ASX Listing Media Release

The official media release from Forager about listing the Australian fund on ASX

Livewire Markets: 18 November 2016

Buy Hold Sell: Resources on a run

Steve Johnson and Peter Hall from Hunter Hall give their views on a number of mining services stocks that have been star performers during 2016.

Livewire Markets: 9 November 2016

Expert Insights: Investing in the Trump era

Steve Johnson from Forager Funds and Peter Hall from Hunter Hall discuss investing in the Trump era and how this political event could impact the outlook for interest rates and US stock valuations.

ABC The Business: 7 September 2016

The Future of the Forager Australian Shares Fund

Steve Johnson of Forager Funds discusses with Ticky Fullerton of the ABC the intended closure of the Forager Australian Shares Fund to new investments and the plans to then list on the ASX.

ABC The Business: 16 August 2016

BHP Billiton $8bn Loss

Steve Johnson discusses the BHP Billiton result on the ABC and talks about the risks of investing in small to mid-cap stocks verses blue chip companies.

Livewire Markets: 19 August 2016

Buy Hold Sell: Where’s the Value?

Steve Johnson from Forager Funds and Stuart Jackson from Montgomery Investments talk with Matthew Kidman about whether certain stocks offer growth, but at a reasonable price.

AFR Personal Finance: 15 August 2016

Investors Get Little Reward from Complexity

Steve writes for the AFR explaining why the best investment ideas are often the most simple and why there is often little reward for complexity.

ABC News 24: 8 August 2016

US Employment and Reporting Season

Steve Johnson from Forager Funds comments on the US Employment figures and the current reporting season in Australia

ABC The Business: 19 July 2016

Reporting Season – Risks Ahead

Steve Johnson comments on the upcoming reporting season on the ABC and outlines some of the risks ahead for the economy.

ABC Radio: 25 July 2016

Woolworths Jobs on the Radio

Daniel Mueller comments on the announced Woolworths’ profit forecasts and job losses on ABC radio.

ABC News: 27 June 2016

The Implications of Brexit

Steve Johnson of Forager Funds discusses the implications of Brexit on Europe and the global economy with Ros Childs of the ABC.

The Australian Business Review: 18 June 2016

New breed of smaller fund manager eyes offshore value

Glenda Korporaal from The Australian speaks to Steve Johnson about how he goes about finding different types of opportunities internationally, including some interesting stock stories.

AFR Personal Finance: 14 June 2016

How to spot a turnaround (and avoid a turkey) when investing

Steve’s article in the AFR talks about four key things to look for in a company that may turnaround its fortunes. And also four turnaround picks for the coming year.

AFR Personal Finance: 18 May 2016

The case for investing in accounting software

Steve Johnson writes for the AFR on the rise of Xero, MYOB and Reckon – accounting software for small to medium sized businesses.

Livewire Markets: 2 May 2016

Expert Insights: Protecting your portfolio from poor thinking

Matthew Kidman is joined by Steve Johnson of Forager Funds and Romano Sala-Tenna from Katana Asset Management, discussing the psychology of dangerous investor biases and how these might be overcome.

AFR Personal Finance: 11 April 2016

Why investors should not support Telstra’s global expansion

Steve Johnson writes for the AFR about Telstra’s proposed investment in the Philippines and the shareholders reaction to these plans.

AFR Personal Finance: 1 December 2015

Forager looks for value in global juggernauts, Google, eBay, Lloyds Bank

Sally Patten from the AFR met with the International Fund team from Forager to discuss where they search for value globally, and some of the stocks that have come to be in the portfolio.

ABC’s The Business: 6 Oct 2015

That Sinking Feeling for Dick Smith Investors

Steve Johnson discusses the private equity “heist” of the Dick Smith float on the share market.

Livewire Markets: 24 Feb 2016

Buy Hold Sell: Fallen Angels

James Marlay of Livewire presents with guests Steve Johnson from Forager Funds and Roger Montgomery of Montgomery Investments about their current views on some big companies who’s share prices have fallen recently.

Australia’s Best Young Fund Managers – AFR July 2014

Forager’s Steve Johnson was identified as one of Australia’s top young fund managers by Smart Investor in July 2014. Read about his development as a value investor and lessons learned growing up on a farm.

Livewire Markets: 19 Feb 2016

Buy Hold Sell: Reporting Season

James Marlay is joined by Steve Johnson from Forager Funds and Roger Montgomery of Montgomery Investments, reviewing some stocks post reporting season.

AFR Markets – 26 Oct 2015

Think twice before changing CGT

Steve Johnson writes for the AFR

Livewire Buy Hold Sell: 3 Oct 2015

Housing Construction Stocks

Steve Johnson of Forager Funds discusses with Matthew Kidman and Ben McGarry housing construction stocks. Are we past the peak in Australia?

Livewire Markets: 1 Oct 2015

The Outlook for IPOs

Matthew Kidman hosts Steve Johnson of Forager, along with Ben McGarry in the regular market insights discussion. The topic of the day is the current flurry of IPOs, despite the markets having dropped recently.

AFR Markets: 28 Sep 2015

Why it’s too late to sell mining stocks but not too early to buy

Steve Johnson writes for the AFR

ABC’s The Business: 7 Apr 2015

In the studio with Steve Johnson

The All Ordinaries index closed 23 points up at 5893. Big miners BHP Billiton and Rio finished the session up but smaller miners have been hit hard by the iron ore crash. Steve Johnson from Forager Funds speaks to Ticky Fullerton.

Livewire: 2 April 2015

Iron Ore and Oil: Just how low can they go?

Matthew Kidman hosts Steve Johnson from Forager Funds and Tim Carleton from Auscap Asset Management in our regular thematic discussion. Iron Ore continues to defy expectations and move lower. BHP, RIO, Vale and FMG have all opened the production floodgates and combined with the slow down in China the back drop looks challenging. The story in energy markets has also been well documented. Record inventories and continued supply growth has seen oil prices on a slippery slope south. We ask our panellists for their take on a highly topical investment theme.

ABC’s The Business: 16 Mar 2015

In the studio with Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson from Forager Funds speaks to Ticky.