Ausbiz TV – 31 March 2021

Steve Johnson gets real about real companies doing real things

Steve Johnson talks to Ausbiz about why he sees SG Fleet acquisition of Leaseplan worth waiting for.

ABC The Business News – 30 March 2021

The Future Direction and Leadership of AMP

Steve Johnson discusses the future direction and leadership of AMP after Ares exclusivity period expires.

The Australian: 14 March 2021

Value in Unlikely Places

Chief Investment Officer Steve Johnson talks to the Australian about finding value in ‘companies you’ve never heard of’.

*Behind a PAYWALL

The Motley Fool – 22 February 2021

Ask A Fund Manager

The Motley Fool chats with Analyst Chloe Stokes about the shares that made her a bucket of money during the recent US short squeeze, plus a couple of regrets.

ABC The Business – 08 February 2021

Monday Markets with Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson discusses the Vocus Communications takeover bid from Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets Holdings as well as what other companies might be primed for a takeover.

ABC The Business – 11 November 2020

Studio Interview with Chloe Stokes

With news of a Covid vaccine, there have been different reactions depending on the type of stock. In this interview, moves in retail stocks are discussed. Chloe Stokes, Investment Analyst for Forager Funds Management speaks to Elysse.

Financial Review – 02 November 2020

Gareth Brown and Harvey Migotti discuss March’s madness and how they run the Forager International Shares Fund as Co-Portfolio Managers.

Financial Review – 16 October 2020

Analyst on the International Shares Fund, Chloe Stokes, talks about the Adore Beauty float.

ABC The Business – 09 July 2020

Extended Interview with Steve Johnson

Reporting season under the shadow of coronavrius continues and it comes as no surprise that Sydney Airport is feeling the pain. Steve Johnson from Forager Funds speaks to Elysse.


ABC The Business – 29 June 2020

Monday Markets with Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson discusses recent market jitters with a rise in Coronavirus cases across Victoria and overseas and how long we can expect the current market uncertainty to last.


ABC The Business: 17 June 2020

Wednesday Markets with Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson discusses current movements in the stock market, with some stocks up and others down. Steve also touches on why this is a sign of encouragement for the economy.