Australian Shares Fund

Offering investors exposure to a unique portfolio of undervalued Australian shares, specialising in small, unusual opportunities that many other investors miss.


This fund is listed on ASX (ASX:FOR) as a Listed Investment Trust. Download the Listed Investment Trust PDS and Corporate Governance policies for more information.


The Portfolio

Our investing approach means the Australian Fund is unique in a number of ways:

  • By using a concentrated, selective, flexible approach we have been able to deliver superior long-term returns.
  • Due to our concentrated, value driven approach the returns we deliver are unlikely to be correlated with any particular index, benchmark or asset class in the short-term.
  • We aim to maximise the Fund’s expected return without taking needless risks. Avoiding the risk of permanent capital loss is paramount.
  • The fund is permitted to invest in any ASX-listed stock and hold unlisted securities (up to 10%) and as much cash as we deem appropriate. This allows us to be patient, nimble and seek value wherever it arises.
  • The investment mix within the portfolio can change significantly and sometimes quickly. Ask your adviser or contact us for the latest investment mix and the size of the Australian Fund.



1 year
16.17% p.a
3 year
20.69% p.a
5 Year


As at 31 March 2017 | Inception Date: 31/10/2009

  1 year 3 year 5 Year Since inception Annualised Since inception Cumulative
Australian Shares Fund 21.05% 16.17% p.a 20.69% p.a 14.89% p.a 180.14%
All Ords. Accumulation Index 19.49% 7.56% p.a 10.66% p.a. 7.83% p.a. 74.90%
Value Added 1.56% 8.61% p.a 10.03% p.a. 7.07% p.a. 105.24%

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The Trust Co (RE Services) Limited and Forager Funds Management do not guarantee investment performance or distributions, and the value of your investment may rise or fall. 


Each month, the Forager Australian Shares Fund reports its performance and portfolio activity. At the end of each quarter, a more detailed Quarterly Report is published.

Prior to 30 June 2014, the Forager Australian Shares Fund was known as the Intelligent Investor Value Fund. Whilst this is the same fund and investment team, reports prior to that date use the former name.


Management & expense recovery fee
Performance fee (on returns over 8% p/a)
Establishment & withdrawal Fees

One of the key features of the Australian Shares Fund is the low management fees (1% p.a. fees, plus up to 0.1% p.a. expense recoveries)

The Australian Shares Fund has a performance fee of 10% if the fund returns over 8% p.a. This fee is only charged on the performance amount over and above 8% p.a. All fees are accounted for in the calculation of the NAV, announced daily on ASX.


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