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The Portfolio

The International Shares Fund is comprised of securities listed on stock exchanges around the world. An investment in this fund offers you a combination of large blue chip companies and smaller, deep-value opportunities with the potential for higher returns.

  • Typically invested in 20-40 securities around the world, our International Fund provides a more concentrated portfolio than most but offers greater diversification in comparison to our Australian Shares Fund.
  • Predominantly focused on North American and European markets which have established legal frameworks and stable political systems; up to 20% of the International Fund can theoretically be invested in emerging markets, but to date the exposure has been minimal.
  • The research process is undertaken by analysts with expertise in Europe, the UK and the United States.
  • The currency exposure that arises from owning foreign stocks is not hedged back to Australian dollars. This offers Australian investors potential diversification benefits through foreign currency exposure.

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Unit Prices

Unit prices as at 07/06/2019

$ 1.5839 Buy Price
$ 1.5807 Mid Price
$ 1.5775 Redemption Price
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Unit Prices

Performance (net of all fees)

As at 31 May 2019 | Inception Date: 08/02/2013

1 year
7.21% p.a.
3 year
8.52% p.a.
5 Year

*Inception date 8 February 2013. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Fundhost and Forager Funds Management do not guarantee investment performance or distributions, and the value of your investment may rise or fall.

The Forager International Shares Fund reports each month on its performance and portfolio activity. At the end of each quarter, a more detailed Quarterly Report is published.

Prior to 30 June 2014, the Forager International Shares Fund was known as the Intelligent Investor International Fund. Whilst this is the same fund and Chief Investment Officer, reports prior to that date use the former name.


Management & expense recovery fee
Performance fee
Establishment & withdrawal Fees

*As at 1 November 2018. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for a detailed break down of fees and costs.

*The fee structure of this fund is due to change on 1 July 2019. Base fees will be lower and a performance fee will be introduced. For details of the changes, please refer to and the new PDS once it is released.

There is a buy spread of +0.20% and a sell spread of -0.20% on fund units which covers the cost of brokerage. The Management Fee is accounted for in the calculation of the weekly Unit Price at Friday’s close. Applications received during the week are processed the following Tuesday and redemptions are also processed weekly.


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