Australian Shares Fund Reports


The last quarter was as eventful as the prior year. Three takeovers were announced across the portfolio. One of the
Fund’s largest investments provided several positive updates. And a handful of long term holdings were sold.

  • Mainstream The Main Return
    The Mainstream takeover saga, stretching for three months and fifteen bids, seems to have finally come to a close.
  • Structural Winners in the Offline World
    Despite headwinds facing big ticket retailers, there are still opportunities in this space.
  • Rush of IPOs: Opportunities of the Future
    From miners to lenders, the initial public offering (IPO) market is back in full swing.


Portfolio value at 30 June 2021

$207.9m: May 2021

$207.3m: April 2021


Stocks in this fund

as at 30 June 2021


Average annual return since inception

as at 30 June 2021


Market price

as at 30 June 2021

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