The Forager International Shares Fund’s Unitholder meeting to change Responsible Entity (RE) from Fundhost to The Trust Company, RE Services, Limited (Perpetual) is due to be held on Thursday 14 December at 3pm.

If you cannot attend the meeting in person, in order to vote, you must do so by completing the proxy voting form found within the Notice of Meeting (NOM). If you do not have someone to attend and vote on your behalf by proxy, then you can simply nominate the meeting Chairperson to be your proxy. The deadline for returning your proxy voting form is Tuesday 12 December at 3pm

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What is my investor ID? If you don’t know your investor ID, please search for an email sent from Fundhost on 15 February 2023, which has the subject line Fundhost: New Investor Number. Your investor number will also be included in any correspondence from Fundhost regarding statements, or on the statement itself, sent since 15 February 2023. Alternatively, you may call Alex Irish on 0493 597 303 or email [email protected] to find this information.

Where do I send the voting form? Please return the completed form to: (by email, scanned copy) [email protected] OR (by post) use the Reply Paid envelope included with the copy of the NOM you received in the post, or otherwise post your form to Fundhost Limited, PO Box N561, Grosvenor Place, Sydney NSW 2000 OR (by fax) (02) 9232 8600.

Do I need any other form of ID to go with the proxy form? No, just your investor ID and signature is required. Two signatures are required if you have a joint holding or an SMSF or company where there are two directors.