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Ausbiz TV – 31 March 2021

Steve Johnson gets real about real companies doing real things

Steve Johnson talks to Ausbiz about why he sees SG Fleet acquisition of Leaseplan worth waiting for.

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ABC The Business News – 30 March 2021

The Future Direction and Leadership of AMP

Steve Johnson discusses the future direction and leadership of AMP after Ares exclusivity period expires.

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The Australian: 14 March 2021

Value in Unlikely Places

Chief Investment Officer Steve Johnson talks to the Australian about finding value in ‘companies you’ve never heard of’.

*Behind a PAYWALL

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The Motley Fool – 22 February 2021

Ask A Fund Manager

The Motley Fool chats with Analyst Chloe Stokes about the shares that made her a bucket of money during the recent US short squeeze, plus a couple of regrets.

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