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ABC The Business – 09 July 2020

Extended Interview with Steve Johnson

Reporting season under the shadow of coronavrius continues and it comes as no surprise that Sydney Airport is feeling the pain. Steve Johnson from Forager Funds speaks to Elysse.


ABC The Business – 29 June 2020

Monday Markets with Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson discusses recent market jitters with a rise in Coronavirus cases across Victoria and overseas and how long we can expect the current market uncertainty to last.


ABC The Business: 17 June 2020

Wednesday Markets with Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson discusses current movements in the stock market, with some stocks up and others down. Steve also touches on why this is a sign of encouragement for the economy.



Ausbiz TV – 09 July 2020

Find Companies that will Suffer Now but Eventually Thrive

Look for the companies that will suffer in the short term but emerge from the crisis stronger says Steve Johnson but warns the easy money is already gone.