Inflation can impact all walks of life...

from groceries to energy prices and your standard cup of coffee. But what is the impact of inflation on your investment portfolio? Our guide takes a look at the key signposts of inflation and how it can impact investments.

Finding Opportunities in Unlikely Places

If you share our passion for unloved bargains and have a long-term focus, Forager could be the right investment for you.

As the Forager name suggests, our style of investing involves scouring the world looking for undiscovered opportunities. In assessing these opportunities, we find both asset backing and earnings power are useful valuation tools, depending on the type of business we are investing in.

So where are they looking? The investment expertise at Forager lies in understanding businesses and investor behaviour, spotting patterns and trends that are unique but can be applied across markets and sectors.

Opportunistic in our approach – we invest where we see the greatest value and potential for return in the market.

Forager International Shares Fund

The Forager International Shares Fund provides a different approach to investing overseas.

With investments in large liquid and resilient businesses, combined with smaller value-based ideas when the opportunities arise, the International Fund offers exposure to a unique portfolio of global shares.

  • Typically invested in 20-40 securities from around the world

  • Investments in North America, Europe, and Asia. However, up to 20% of the International Shares Fund can be invested in emerging markets. To date, the exposure has been minimal.

  • Our rigorous research process is undertaken by analysts with expertise in Europe, the UK, Asia, and the United States.

  • The currency exposure that arises from owning foreign stocks is not hedged back to Australian dollars, offering Australian investors potential diversification benefits through currency exposure.

  • Start investing with a $20,000 lump sum or $200 per month direct debit.

Product Disclosure Statement

Investing with Forager – please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for this Fund in order to decide whether this is the right investment for you.

The PDS contains information about how the fund is set up and works in practice, the investment strategy plus information on fees and costs.

Before making an investment in the Forager International Shares Fund, you should download and read the PDS for the Fund.