The Forager Australian Shares Fund is listed on ASX.

If you would like to buy units in this fund, you must do so through a broker on market in the same way you buy any other share. The ticker for this fund is “FOR”.

The registry for this fund is Link Market Services. Once you have successfully bought units in the fund, you can view your investment either on our website or Link Market Services website.

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Link Market Services website

The Forager International Shares Fund requires an application process.

You can fill in the application form either online, or by downloading the form and sending to Fundhost, the administrator for this fund.

The minimum investment is either a $20,000 lump sum or $200 per month as an investment plan. You do not need a lump sum to start a monthly investment plan.

Existing investors who would like to add to their investment should follow the instructions here: Increase your Investment

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