FASF Delisting

The Forager Australian Shares Fund will be delisted on 14 June 2024 and the last day units will be traded on the ASX is 11 June 2024. This means this is the final day of trading of FOR. Investors thinking of buying or selling units prior to delisting will need to transact today, 11 June. Please note that the ASX will be closed for the King’s Birthday weekend on 10 June.

Please refer to the information page on the Forager website for important documents and frequently asked questions (FAQs).


Here are some further details when considering buying or selling units

Discount to Net Asset Value (NAV) prior to delisting

Over the past week, FOR Units traded at a 6-8% discount to the NAV, with an average of 232k units traded per day. As as reminder, for the first month after delisting, a 6% redemption fee will be applied to redemptions, reducing down to zero by the end of the calendar year. For Unitholders thinking of exiting their investment in the near future, it could be worth considering selling on market while the Units are still listed.

For long-term investors in the Fund, applications for new investments will be priced at NAV plus a 0.2% buy spread once the Units are delisted. For Unitholders considering adding to their investment, it may be worth considering buying on market if they continue to trade at a discount. The last day of trading will be 11 June 2024.

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing

In order to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) legislation, Unitholders who intend to remain invested in the Fund after de-listing must complete a Transition Identification Form to apply for new Units, redeem existing Units and participate in the distribution reinvestment plan after the Fund is delisted.

Please note that investors already invested in the Forager International Shares Fund in the same entity will not be required to complete AML/CTF for that entity. Investors who are required to complete AML/CTF documentation will be asked to do so following the delisting.

For investors who do not want to complete this documentation, it could be worth considering selling units on market prior to delisting.

Buying and Selling Units after delisting

Following the delisting, investors will be able to top up holdings in the Fund by logging into Automic and selecting “Top Up”. Investors will also be able to redeem through Automic. Applications and redemptions will be priced daily.

Investors who don’t already have an Automic account, it is worth setting one up prior to delisting. Instructions on setting up an account with Automic can be found here.